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The "Células" series is an artistic and scientific exploration of the meaning of life. Through images that capture the movement and form of fluids, the author invites us to reflect on the nature of what surrounds us and of ourselves. What is life? How does it originate? What differentiates us from the inert? These are some of the questions raised by this work, which is inspired by the cellular world as the basic unit of life.


Miguel Mas is a liquid sculptor who uses high-speed photography to freeze ephemeral instants and reveal a hidden beauty. His photographs behave like real cells, dividing, fusing, communicating and adapting to the environment. However, they are also trompe l'oeil that simulate life, although they do not have it. They are images that deceive us and challenge us to look beyond the obvious.


The series "Cells" deals with the concept of origin, of the calm of the cellular world. It allows us to leave our plane of reality to go to another plane that is close, but at the same time very distant. It is a journey into the interior of the microscopic, where the keys to the macroscopic are found. It is an invitation to discover the art and science that is in each drop used by the artist.

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