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The series "Sueños Líquidos" (Liquid Dreams) is a work that invites us to reflect on identity and image in today's society, where social networks play a fundamental role in the way we relate to others and to ourselves. The photographer Miguel Mas shows us a critical but also poetic vision of this phenomenon, through images that combine the real and the imaginary, the beautiful and the tragic, the human and the divine.

The myth of Narcissus tells the story of a young man who fell in love with his own reflection in the water of the river Styx, and drowned when he tried to embrace it. This myth symbolizes vanity, narcissism and the inability to love any being other than oneself. In the "Liquid Dreams" series, the models resemble Narcissus, as they contemplate themselves in the water with admiration and fascination, but also with a certain distance and coldness. Water acts as a mirror that gives them back an idealized image of themselves, but also as a barrier that prevents them from accessing their true selves.

The water also has a symbolic meaning in relation to social networks. The virtual environment is like the river Styx, a place where we reflect ourselves and show ourselves to the world, but also where we lose ourselves and distance ourselves from reality. Social networks allow us to create a profile that highlights our attributes and hides our flaws, that makes us feel more confident and admired, but also more lonely and dissatisfied. Social networks are a showcase where we exhibit our best version, but also a trap where we get trapped in our own image.

The photographer uses blur to represent the lack of information we have about the people in our virtual environment, although they insist on transmitting the best version of themselves. The faces of the models appear blurred and blurred, as if they were ghosts or dreams. The blur suggests that we cannot really know the people we see on social networks, that we only see a part of their personality, a constructed and manipulated image.


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